Heart of the Highlands

2019 Master Catalog

This year we are producing one master catalog that contains our three main product lines: seeds, herbal products and nursery stock. We may sell the same plant in several different forms, for instance echinacea seed for planting; echinacea potted plants, echinacea dried roots and echinacea herbal extract. So we put it all together in one place. Just like the farm, we hope you can see the whole system. We are still dealing with climate change effects and had another short frost-free season-85 days this year. Two years of great snow pack have revived old springs, but we still work hard to conserve our precious water resource. 


We have our same great network of local farms to keep our broad selection of your garden favorites. Our seed lines have served us well for many years. We are proud to be breeding for adaptability and northern hardiness. And as always we use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We rely on biodiversity, crop rotation, our own compost as the primary material, and spray materials that are biological control or natural minerals. We track nitrogen and carbon cycles and use few off-farm resources.  


We plant habitat and nectar sources for beneficial organisms. They are sprinkled throughout the garden and insectiary islands. There are bird boxes and seed crops like Siberian Pea Shrub just for them. The swallows swoop back and forth at dusk eating their fill of moths. We work within the natural ecosystem as much as possible. 


Many of our wildcrafted herbs come from the riparian area that bisects the property. We are working on rehabilitating the old pond system that recharges the well, replanting native Creekside species, some of which we have available for sale. The farm meadows and forests have recovered from the 2015 fire, and some native herbs like lomatium and bitterroot have recovered well. The small greenhouse helps us to get a leg up on spring planting so we can get your starts out on time.  


In this catalog our first section is the seed listings. Then we have our live plant selection. Last is the culinary and medicinal herbs that we grow, dry and process on site in our warehouse, including a line of culinary herbs in spice bottles. We hope you enjoy the abundance. We made it just for you so you can share in the bounty.  


Eat well and live in good health.